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Scientific publication is an essential part of a scientist’s life.

The success of an Academic article depends, indeed, both on the quality of research and on the adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols.

Our services addressed to Scientific Researchers intend to support the authors along all the process providing a tailor-made assistance empowered by a team of highly trained scientists.

Getting published

Successfully  publishing in a Scientific Journal is the result of a rigorous process which includes a work step by step, from the selection of the right journal to the scientific writing process.

Our services are devoted to the production of works in the field of Women’s health as well as Maternal and Newborn’s health


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Once agreed on your customized project, you will be flanked by a senior advisor who will guide you through all the process.

Our publication services:

Precheck of study design

This service will help you checking study protocol ..of your research prior to its execution, yet preferably prior to IRB approval. This service will guarantee that your design will end in a final product (scientific paper) that will meet the expectation of a given journal. We will intend to support that this pre-check gives you a viable protocol aiming at the best journal quartile.


Journal Selection

This service will be for those who already have a final paper, which could not be counselled at the stage of study protocol. The  service will help you select in a pragmatic way a journal at the realistic quartile, according to the product. We will help support the necessary changes to meet the best expectation.


English Editing & Proofreading Services

We will provide professional proofreading services for post-doctoral researchers and research students. We will read and analyse your research and find the best way to express the concepts and content of your paper


Pre-submission Peer Review

Our experts will check your article to identify gaps in its  methodology with a thorough technical review before your paper is submitted to your target journal. 


Translation from Spanish to English

When you submit your paper to an international Journal, it must be in good English. Our team will be able to provide the correct Scientific English translation from Spanish.


Manuscript Formatting and Artwork Editing Services

Our experts will review the appeal and overall professionalism of your papers to ensure clarity, readability, and compliance with journal guidelines. 


updated on Tuesday May 30 2023