What we learned at the Web Marketing Festival 2019

Over 3 days we met with suppliers, discovered new trends and ideas

We are now back from the Web Marketing Festival 2019, which was held in Rimini in June. We attended the Festival in order to find out about the latest trends in social media, what’s new in the field of web communications and discover different ways of thinking and doing.
The Web Marketing Festival largely focuses on marketing and social media strategies for e-commerce. However, this year’s program also featured sessions on numerous other topics including SEO, UX/UI, copywriting and robotics. As it is impossible to cover everything, if you decide to attend with a colleague we recommend that you choose different sessions and feed back on them at the end of the day: this will allow both of you to cover everything and share the relevant information.

The event is well organized with plenty of conference rooms, each of which focuses on a different topic. (If you are interested in SEO, for example, all you have to do is spend the whole day in the SEO hall.) Speeches last 40 minutes, which is enough to review updates in the field or case studies relating to a particular subject, and there is always time for a Q&A session or the opportunity to talk to the speaker directly.

So, what did we get out of it? Food for thought, essentially. Below we have outlined a few areas of particular interest:

Design for everyone, not just the average consumer

When designing, keep in mind that your product/project must be accessible to anyone, regardless of their age, abilities or circumstances, and focus on making it effective and satisfying.

All targets are different; segmenting them will help you deliver the right message to each one.

If you have a large number of contacts to send your message to, analyse their behaviour, break your list down into clusters and make sure you send each group the right, targeted message. For example, people who already know your services should receive different communications from potentially new clients. Similarly, contacts who do not react to weekly updates on your new products may be more responsive to more general, monthly communications.

Create value.

In the past, design has been mainly connected to beauty; this is not the case anymore. Good design combines beauty, functionality and value. There are hundreds of useless apps out there; the one you create should offer something that is useful and satisfying for its users.

Exchange and share information.

If you work in an open-plan office and you have no idea what the guy over there is doing, that is not good for either of you. Make sure you have periodic meetings with your colleagues – regardless of the fact that you may be working on different projects – so that everyone can share what they are doing! This can lead to a positive exchange of ideas that improves results on all projects while boosting company innovation.

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